New Session Begins!

Session 2 begins next week, December 6. Please bring your registration fee on Tuesday.

Everyone should be practicing for the next grading. The Senseis will be talking about that a lot now and will soon give a date for the grading to take place.

See you Tuesday!

GREAT Tournament!!

We hosted a great tournament this weekend! Way to go everyone who helped out and particpated!

For our tournament newbies… it likely didn’t take long to realize what a friendly and supportive environment the tournament is. Every person in that room remembers their first tournament vividly. We were all a bit nervous and just a little tense before the kumite portion of our division started… “what are the other competitors going to be like?” Well, now that the first one is in the books, we can start planning for the next tournament we’ll attend!!

Just a couple of things…

We are MISSING a pair of Reebok running shoes, size 12. Please check to make sure that you have the correct shoes.

Also, there were some items left at the tournament so if we don’t have them in the club’s lost and found, you can check the lost and found at the high school.

Regular classes continue on Tuesday and we’ll start preparing for the first grading of the year! See you Tuesday.

One More Workout…

until our tournament!!!

That’s right, the tournament is only a few days away so we really need to keep working hard. The registration form is here: 2011 Tournament Registration Form

Many of us have signed up to help at the tournament doing various jobs from the canteen to the prize raffle table. But just because you didn’t sign up, don’t hesitate to go and offer your help to someone. Maybe the merchandise table needs a hand at a busy time, or the canteen is busy… Just go up and say, “Hey! I’m going to help!” You won’t be turned away!

Keep working on those katas and remember – block and counter; block and counter!

Also, don’t forget that order forms for the duffle bags are due on November 29! Here is the order form: Duffle Bag Order Form2011

Regular Workout Tonight!

It’s time to dig in and fine tune our techniques and katas for the tournament at the end of the month!

You can expect some senior members to approach you to help at a certain aspect of the tournament like the canteen, the merchandise table, the gift raffle table, etc.

Each and every member of the club is encouraged to register for the workout on Friday, November 25 and the tournament on Saturday, November 26. They are excellent and educational family events. You will meet many people who are experiencing the same things as you in your study of karate; you will have the opportunity to meet the President of our Shintani Wado-Kai Karate Federation, Sensei Dennis Labbé, 8th Degree Black Belt; you will get to observe many talented black belts compete in the Black Belt Competition; but more importantly, many of the people you will meet will become good friends and “karate tournament buddies”! Although competitive, it is a healthy atmosphere of support and friendship. Everyone wants everyone else to do well!

The Friday night workout is led by high ranking Senseis in our Federation and are always informative and inspirational. The tournament on Saturday is where it all comes together and, win or lose, everyone benefits from being there.

See you in class.

Also, check out the new quote by Nakasone on our Words of Wisdom page.