Black Belt Code of Conduct

Black Belt/Instructor Code of Conduct

The student/teacher relationship is a privileged one. Instructors play a critical role in the personal as well as athletic and physical development of the students trained, instructed and coached. Students, Sensei, Sempai, and other leaders must understand and respect the natural power imbalance that exists in this relationship and must be extremely careful not to abuse it. The Coaches, Instructors and leaders are role models and conduits through which the values and goals of Karate are channeled. Thus, how a student regards his or her sport is often dependent on the behaviour of the Coach, Instructor or leader. The following Code of Conduct is an aid to achieve a level of behaviour which will allow the greater assistance in developing the student into becoming a well-rounded, self-confident and successful human being.

  1. Respect everyone fairly regardless of religion, gender, place of origin, color, sexual orientation or preference, political beliefs or economic status.
  2. Ensure the safety of all students within the class or in care.
  3. Direct comments or criticism at the performance rather than the student personally.
  4. To display consistently high personal standards and project a favourable image of Karate and of coaching, at all times, instructors will:
    1. Refrain from public criticism of students, members, coaches, instructors, and volunteers.
    2. Abstain from the use of tobacco products while in the presence of students and discourage their use.
    3. Abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages or use of non-medicinal prescription drugs when working with students. Abuse of alcohol and intoxication or drug abuse will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary measure as may be determined by the club and SWKKF.
  5. Refrain from using profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language (verbal and non-verbal) in the conduct of the class and instructional duties.
  6. Ensure that all activities being undertaken are suitable for the age, experience, ability and fitness level of the student, as to the responsibility in contributing to a safe environment.
  7. Communicate and cooperate with registered medical practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment and management of a student’s medical and psychological concerns.
  8. Regularly seek ways to increase professional development and self-awareness.
  9. Understand and be up to date for all SWKKF Rules, Regulations and Criteria.
  10. Treat fellow Sensei, Sempai, students, and volunteers from other clubs with due respect, both in victory and defeat, and to encourage students to act accordingly.
  11. To be aware of the academic pressures placed on students that may impact their attendance on trainings, events and competitions.
  12. In the case of minors, communicate and cooperate with the student’s parents or legal guardians, involving decisions pertaining to the child’s development.
  13. At no time become intimately and/or sexually involved with any student member. This includes requests for sexual favours, or threats of reprisal for the rejection of such requests. Any such interaction between an instructor and ANY student is a violation of Canadian law. See Canada’s Law on Child Sexual Abuse: A Handbook, published by the Department of Justice in 1990.
  14. To respect the student’s dignity; verbal or physical behaviors that constitute harassment or abuse are unacceptable.
  15. Never advocate or condone the use of drugs or other banned performance enhancing substances, or methods.
  16. Never provide under age students with alcohol or drugs.
  17. Teach in approved uniform and belt for all classes.
  18. Work cooperatively and positively with all members of MMWKK and SWKKF.
  19. Not to have or use unnecessary electronics during classes, especially while on the training floor.


Dress Code: All instructors, and advanced karateka, are required to maintain strict SWKKF dress code, maintain a consistent display of high personal hygiene, and project a favourable image of leadership. With this in mind,


  • All members of MMWKK and the SWKKF are expected to wear a white gi with appropriate belt. Females are asked to wear an athletic sports bra underneath the uniform top, with exception to a whiteundershirt for men and women. ALL jewelry should be removed or taped when removal is not possible. Finger and toe nails are to be clipped. Hair accessories (bands/scrunchies) should be white or black.