Code of Conduct

Member Code of Conduct 

1. No alcohol or drugs will be taken before class.

2. No Karate student will provoke violence outside the dojo or allow himself or herself to be provoked into violence.

3. Students will behave at all times as gentlemen/ladies both inside and outside the dojo.

4. All Black Belts will be addressed as “SENSEI”. Brown and/or Red belts may be addressed as “Sempai”.

5. Higher belts will aid the lower belts in their training, but will not teach a technique or Kata without a Sensei’s permission. Lower Belts will follow.

6. There will be no sparring without the supervision of the Sensei or his delegate.

7. All Gi’s will be completely white. The Wado-Kai lettering may be sewn on the left breast of the Gi top only. Any accessories (T-shirts, head bands etc.) must be white only.

8. All students MUST wear protective equipment for sparring (Kumite).

9. No rings, watches, earring, studs or any other jewelry may be worn during class.

10. Students must comply with the dojo health rules. Personal cleanliness is essential. Finger and toe nails must be clipped short.

11. No smoking, eating, chewing gum or drinking is permitted on the dojo floor.

12. All students will bow upon entering and leaving the dojo. Bowing to instructors when making requests is mandatory.

13. Students will maintain a serious attitude at all times. No profanity or loud talking is permitted in the dojo. Vulgarity and rudeness will not be tolerated.

14. Students will not criticize other Karateka. Only criticism of a constructive nature is allowed.

15. Under no circumstances will any form of Karate be taught by any member to any non-member.

16. Students are responsible for making sure that their financial obligations to the club have been met.

17. It is the responsibility of every student to maintain the cleanliness of the dojo.

18. All students are expected to support club activities and club sanctioned activities.