Regular Classes and Melita Tournament

There are regular classes at the Carlyle and Whitebear dojos this week.

Please make sure that your fees for Session 3 are paid up as soon as possible. Thank you!

The Melita Tournament is this Saturday, March 16 in Melita, MB. This is a great event to develop tournament skills and gain experience. The poster and registration form are below. 

Melita Tournament 2019

Melita Tournament Registration 2019

See you at the dojo!


End of Session 2

This week is the last week of Session 2!

Please submit your fees for session 3 as soon as possible.

There is a short meeting for the people going to Calgary at 7:30 tonight.

No class in Whitebear on Thursday.

See you at the dojo!

Regular Tuesday Class This Week…

Regular classes resume this week at the Carlyle dojo.

There will NOT be any class on Thursday at the Whitebear dojo. The Sensei are all travelling to the Calgary tournament this coming weekend.

There will be a brief meeting at the beginning of Tuesday’s regular class for everyone travelling to Calgary.

See you at the dojo!