Good Luck…

… to everyone participating in the Manitoba Provincial/Hamiota Tournament and Clinic this weekend!

Remember that our club will cover the cost of your registration. Just let them know you’re from the Moose Mountain (Carlyle) club and they’ll take care of the rest.


See you at the dojo!


No Classes Next Week

Great work in class this week, everyone! It’s always fun to step out of our comfort zone and try something a little different.

Next week is the “Family Week” break. There will be NO CLASSES in Carlyle OR Whitebear next week.

Good luck to everyone attending the Hamiota/Manitoba Provincial Tournament this weekend! It is an awesome event and getting better every year!

For those of you participating in the trip to the South Calgary Tournament, we have finalized transportation plans and will soon have an itinerary out to you. Check your email for more information.

Enjoy the February Break!

See you at the dojo!

Manitoba Provincial Tournament coming up fast!

The Manitoba Provincial Wado Kai Karate Tournament and Clinic is coming up on February 15/16, 2019 in Hamiota, MB.

Below you will see the informational poster and a registration form. They are encouraging everyone to pre-register, especially for the supper following the Saturday tournament. We encourage all of our members to support as many local tournaments as possible, and the Hamiota event gets better every year!

If you would like to attend, please complete a registration form and give it to Sensei Kevin. The organizers would like to know supper numbers by February 8. Our club will pay registration fees for any members attending. Please keep your receipts for fuel and we will try to cover additional costs if we can.

Regular classes this week!

See you at the dojo!

Manitoba Provincial 2019

Hamiota tournament registration 2019

Regular Class This Week

There is regular class on Tuesday even though there is no school.

Congratulations to everyone who went to the Regina Tournament this weekend! We had many members compete and help get the 1st Annual Regina Tournament off to a great start! Way to go, everyone!

Please think about the Calgary tournament on March 1 and 2 and sign up on our sheet if you would like to attend. We have to plan quickly as the tournament is coming up fast!

The next, nearest tournament is in Hamiota on February 15/16, 2019.

See you at the dojo!