2020-21 Registration Form

Here is the registration form for the upcoming karate season.

2020-21 Registration Form

The Moose Mountain Karate Club is undergoing MANY changes this year, so we ask for your patience as we work through any glitches in our system. 


ALL students and instructors are required to set up a “Profile” on the shintani.ca website. This is mainly for insurance purposes, but also helps the Federation track the progress of the membership. These profiles must be complete BEFORE students begin training. If you have trouble setting up a profile, please ask a Sensei to assist you. The link is provided below.

Shintani Federation Profile Set-up

After the students have a profile on shintani.ca, and our classes have begun, the Sensei will then “Register” the students on the Federation web site and the appropriate passbooks and registration stickers will be sent to us.

We are very excited to begin training in our new “Carlyle Martial Arts Centre” and look forward to seeing everyone back in the dojo!


Registration night will be held on Tuesday, October 13, 2020 between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

Registration will be held at the NEW DOJO. It is located on Hwy 13 right beside Living Skies Cross fit, almost directly across the highway from the Western Star hotel.





Classes will begin on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

Registration form coming soon.

We have split our karate classes between Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Covid-19 protocols require us to practice “physical distancing” whenever possible. This means that we must limit the number of members training in each class. When you see the registration form, please check which night your class will take place. These plans are tentative depending upon enrollment. Think of it as an excellent opportunity for our members to receive more one-on-one attention from a Sensei due to fewer karate students in each class!

Given our late start to the karate season, we will continue with classes through the month of June this season to make up for the lost month of September.

We also plan to begin offering a summer session for those wishing to continue their karate study in  July and August. More information on the summer session to come at a later date.

Keep checking here for the new registration form. We appreciate your patience as we embark on this new chapter in our karate story.

See you at the dojo! (Literally!)

Great Start!

We had an excellent turn-out to the cleaning bee last night! Things are coming into place nicely.

We will be planning another work bee coming up soon. We’ll notify everyone here and by email as well. Keep checking.

See you at the dojo!

No Work Bee Tonight

We have to postpone our work bee for tonight! Thanks to everyone who said they could make it. We’ll be rescheduling soon and will let you know when that is.

Our work bee for tomorrow is STILL ON. We can still use plenty of help tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience as we work towards the opening of our own dojo!

See you at the dojo!

It’s Official!!

We’re opening our own dojo!

That’s right… Moose Mountain Karate Club is opening our very own dojo in our very own space! We’re moving into the bay beside Living Skies Crossfit, but we need some help to get started.

We need to start getting the dojo ready for classes which means a couple of Cleaning Work Bees to get things going before our new flooring arrives at the end of August!

The work bees will be on the evenings of Tuesday, August 18 and Wednesday, August 19 starting at 6:00 pm AT THE NEW DOJO! It’s fun to say that!

Many hands make light work, so it would be great to have lots of help from our members. We will be sending out emails and possibly contacting members personally to ask for assistance.

There is so much potential in this new facility, and we are excited to get working on it! We look forward to working with everyone on our new karate home!


We’re Getting Ready!

Wow! What a wild ride we’ve been on for the past few months! We hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer! We hope that everyone has been keeping up with their karate practice during the time we’ve been kept out of the dojo!

We just wanted to put up a short message to let everyone know that we are making plans to have karate classes resume in the fall! 

That’s right… keep checking here in the next few weeks to keep up with our progress, and to know when registration will begin.

As with most things reopening… we will have some very strict guidelines to follow, both provincially, and from our federation. Many things have and will be changing. We ask for your patience and understanding as we work hard to resume our karate classes with the karateka we miss so much!

So keep checking. Stay healthy!

See you at the dojo!

SWKKF Awards deadline

The deadline for nominations for the R.E.A.C.H. awards is fast approaching. 

Please submit any nominations by May 1, 2020. Any member in good standing can nominate any other member in good standing. Please check that you are nominating in the correct category.

SWKKF R.E.A.C.H. Nominations Page

The link above will take you to a page that explains the different categories. Directly under the name of the award is a link that takes you to the actual online nomination form.

To save you some time, if you know the award for which you are nominating, here are direct links to the nomination forms.

Leadership Award

Contributor Award

Ambassador Award

Male/Female Athlete Awards

Stay healthy! See you at the dojo… soon!