Raffle Extended! Plus some other stuff…

We hope you are all staying home and staying healthy!

We have extended the draw date of our raffle in order that people may be able to sell more of their tickets. The new draw date is MAY 26, 2020.

You will need to turn in your tickets  by May 22, 2020.

You will receive an email with details on how to turn in your tickets and money once you are finished selling them. You do not have to wait until May 22 if you have already sold your tickets.

Hopefully you have been keeping up with your karate practice at least a little bit. We haven’t yet made any videos or done any live-streaming, but many dojos have. Our friends at Bushido Karate Association in Edmonton have had great success with their Zoom Virtual Dojo, and they have invited us to attend their classes online. Here is their information…

Classes will be running from 6:00 – 7:15 pm, with the following focus and schedule:
Tuesday – Advanced (Blue and Up)
Friday – All Ranks
Sunday – All ranks
This schedule starts Sunday, March 22.
To access the class, you need to have a safe location with plenty of space, access to a device with a browser so you can run Zoom, and use the following meeting coordinates: https://zoom.us/j/2997718316

Please email us to let us know if you plan to attend one of their classes and let us know how it went. We can update your attendance on our records which will count towards your next grading.

Don’t forget that kata is the application of the techniques we learn in class. It is through kata that we learn how to use the techniques should we need them. Be sure to continue your kata practice, and remember to “Keep it Real!” Practice kata with intensity and focus. Like Sensei Ron says, “Do every technique as if you are breaking 4 boards.” Do your kata slowly with focus on stances/body position; then do them in sequence; then tournament style. Be fussy! Video record yourself and review yourself honestly.

Most importantly…  STAY HOME – STAY HEALTHY!

See you at the dojo… eventually!

Fund-raiser Continues

Just a reminder to continue selling your fund=raising tickets!

You may have to get creative with how you collect payment from people who buy your tickets, but there are ways to do that.

When the time comes, we will let you know how to turn in your tickets and money. We’re working on that.

In the meantime, keep selling, keep practicing,  stay home, stay healthy!

Classes cancelled

Due to the Provincial covid-19 action plan for schools, we have no choice but to cancel classes until such time the schools reopen and groups are allowed to resume their use of school facilities.

We encourage everyone to practice their kata and techniques at home to stay in shape, and hope to be able to return to regular classes soon.

Please share this with all members of our club so that everyone receives the message. We will be emailing all members as well.

Class Changes…

With the growing concerns over the covid-19 outbreak we are implementing a few changes to our classes.

Firstly, classes are still ON.

  • We will not be practicing any contact drills for the next while until the concerns over the spread of the virus have abated.
  • We will not be lending out any of our club-owned hand pads.
  • We will not be using our striking pads/kicking shields/breaking boards, or Bob.
  • We will have an assigned person who will scan in each member for attendance on the computer.

Here are some of the things YOU can do:

  • DO NOT come to class if you/your karateka is feeling unwell! Especially with a cough or fever.
  • Bring YOUR OWN WATER to the dojo, so we don’t have so many mouths on the water fountain.
  • Come to karate class with your hands washed with soap. 
  • Try not to touch your face. Try to explain this to your young karateka (student of karate).
  • Avoid contact with others in dojo. This is where our bowing is handy!
  • If it isn’t yours, don’t touch it.

We appreciate that we in this area of Saskatchewan are at very low risk for the spread of covid-19, however, when the nature of our sport puts us in such close quarters with each other, it only makes sense that we take these precautions.

Thank you for your understanding.

See you at the dojo!

Tournament CANCELLED

The Saskatoon/Warman (Living Skies) tournament that was scheduled to take place on March 20 and 21, 2020 has been cancelled due to concerns regarding the covid-19 virus.

We received the announcement late last night.

The organizers wish to express their sadness and regret at having to cancel their event and hope that all those who were planning to attend will do so when the tournament is rescheduled.

Our classes in Carlyle will continue as scheduled.

See you at the dojo!

Good Luck… and Session 3

Good luck to all of our members travelling to Hamiota this weekend for their annual tournament! We know you’ll do great.

Also a reminder that Session 3 begins on Tuesday. Please be sure to take care of your fees as soon as possible.

See you at the dojo!