GREAT Tournament!!

We hosted a great tournament this weekend! Way to go everyone who helped out and particpated!

For our tournament newbies… it likely didn’t take long to realize what a friendly and supportive environment the tournament is. Every person in that room remembers their first tournament vividly. We were all a bit nervous and just a little tense before the kumite portion of our division started… “what are the other competitors going to be like?” Well, now that the first one is in the books, we can start planning for the next tournament we’ll attend!!

Just a couple of things…

We are MISSING a pair of Reebok running shoes, size 12. Please check to make sure that you have the correct shoes.

Also, there were some items left at the tournament so if we don’t have them in the club’s lost and found, you can check the lost and found at the high school.

Regular classes continue on Tuesday and we’ll start preparing for the first grading of the year! See you Tuesday.