No Karate Next Week!

Just a reminder that regular karate classes have been CANCELLED for TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25. The Elementary school is hosting the Missoula Children’s Theatre and they are using the space for their rehearsals.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do any karate next week. Take some of the time that you would normally spend at karate class and go through your techniques and katas. For some of our newer members, try to do the counting in Japanese even just for a few counts that you can remember to help train your mind to the number system.

Always remember that what you get out of something is equal to what you put into it. Work on your karate and it will work for you.

Great workout yesterday!!

Great work last night, everyone!!

Sensei Joan has begun taking equipment orders for items like gi’s, hand pads, mouth guards, gi bags, etc. If you are interested in ordering anything, please speak to her at our next workout.

Now that we are almost a month into karate classes, it should be easy to know what to work on at home!! Basic technique and kata are always a safe bet. Our first year students can all be practicing Power Kata (the all purpose kata!) each night. Everyone else can be working through the katas they already know and are working on. To go through Power kata, the 5 Pinan katas, and Kushanku only takes 10 or 15 minutes. But if you do them with conviction and energy they become a nice workout on their own.

Start thinking about our tournament which is held on November 26. There is a workout with the visiting Senseis on Friday, November 25 that is always really great!

See you next Tuesday!