Another Great Workout!!

Thanks, Sensei Jason, for leading an excellent workout last night! It was great to see so many people out and having fun.

In between classes, take some time to go over the basics that we have been drilling in class recently. Stand in “kiba-dachi” and throw some “tsukis” to the various points on the body. F0llow that by working through your blocks: age uke (rising block), udi uke (inside forearm block), soto uke (outside forearm block), and gedan barai (low block). Then, to shake things up a little, try moving across your kitchen floor in “zenkutso dachi” throwing a punch with each step. Add a little spice with a strong “kiai” to get your family’s attention. Practice can be fun!!

GREAT first day!!

What a great way to start the new 2011/12 Karate Season!

It was awesome to see so many new faces! And it was great to see the familiar faces of last year, too! Everyone worked really hard and “kicked” the season off with a bang!

Great job, everyone! See you next week!

Great Turnout!

What a great turnout at our registration night! It looks like it will be another excellent year at the dojo!

Regular classes begin next week. Just for Kicks at 6:30 and the Jr/Adult class beginning at 7:30. We will also be taking orders for anyone wanting a new gi or gi bag during the first few classes and will have a fall order going in soon.

See you Tuesday!!