Happy Holidays!

Have a Happy Holiday season, everyone! 2011 was another great year in the dojo and we’re looking forward to an exciting 2012!

Remember that there is a grading for the Just for Kicks group on January 17 and possibly for the adult/jr. group as well. Keep checking here for details.

Our first night back is Tuesday, January 10. See you then!

Last Class before Christmas Break

Tonight is our final workout before the holidays.

Be sure to work extra hard tonight so that you’re prepared for a two week lay-off! Try to find a few minutes during the holidays to work some basics like stances and techniques along with a bit of kata. The grading will come up quickly in January and you don’t want to be unprepared!!

See you at class.

1 Class Left!

Great work last night, everyone! It was great to see some new faces joining us for the new session.

We have 1 more Tuesday class remaining before Christmas holidays! It’s hard to believe that the year has gone by so quickly! If anyone is interested in an extra workout before Christmas, remember that you can go to BUILT FOR LIFE gym on THURSDAY nights for an additional workout. Rumour has it there may be a special guest returning this Thursday for a visit?

Grading will take place in January. Keep checking here for more information on that.

Keep working hard! Really focus this week so you go into the holiday with solid foundations so you come back the same way in January.

Counting Down

Only a few days left until the holidays! It’s the perfect time to really focus and prepare for your holiday karate schedule!!

That’s right… holiday… karate… schedule!

Learn as much as you can before the holiday break; ask lots of questions; get those final few pointers on your katas and techniques and then work them over the break so you don’t forget everything you’ve worked on up till now. We don’t want to come back to regular work outs in a turkey-induced stupor and start from the beginning again!!

Just schedule 2 or 3 hours over the holidays to keep your karate in shape and, when you return, you’ll be ready for your grading!

See you tonight!