Regular Workout Tonight!

It’s time to dig in and fine tune our techniques and katas for the tournament at the end of the month!

You can expect some senior members to approach you to help at a certain aspect of the tournament like the canteen, the merchandise table, the gift raffle table, etc.

Each and every member of the club is encouraged to register for the workout on Friday, November 25 and the tournament on Saturday, November 26. They are excellent and educational family events. You will meet many people who are experiencing the same things as you in your study of karate; you will have the opportunity to meet the President of our Shintani Wado-Kai Karate Federation, Sensei Dennis Labbé, 8th Degree Black Belt; you will get to observe many talented black belts compete in the Black Belt Competition; but more importantly, many of the people you will meet will become good friends and “karate tournament buddies”! Although competitive, it is a healthy atmosphere of support and friendship. Everyone wants everyone else to do well!

The Friday night workout is led by high ranking Senseis in our Federation and are always informative and inspirational. The tournament on Saturday is where it all comes together and, win or lose, everyone benefits from being there.

See you in class.

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