Tournament Season

Tournament season is upon us and there are a number of exciting tournament approaching. Some are nearby, others are further away. All of the are exciting and unique.

The next “near” tournament is the “VIRDEN WADO-KAI KARATE TOURNAMENT” held in Virden, MB. The dates for this tournament are FEBRUARY 24 & 25, 2012. This is an excellent tournament for us since it is the Manitoba Provincial tournament and it is so close to our own dojo. It would be great for a group of karateka to attend. Like our tournament, there is a workout on Friday night and then the tournament on Saturday. More details will be posted soon.

Even before the Virden tournament is the Whitecourt Wado Kai – Clinic And Tournament. The dates for this tournament are February 10 – 12, 2012. Download the tournament form Whitecourt Tournament 2012. This tournament also includes an advanced Brown/Black Belt workout on the Sunday if some of our advanced karateka are interested in attending.