Tournament Season

Tournament season is upon us and there are a number of exciting tournament approaching. Some are nearby, others are further away. All of the are exciting and unique.

The next “near” tournament is the “VIRDEN WADO-KAI KARATE TOURNAMENT” held in Virden, MB. The dates for this tournament are FEBRUARY 24 & 25, 2012. This is an excellent tournament for us since it is the Manitoba Provincial tournament and it is so close to our own dojo. It would be great for a group of karateka to attend. Like our tournament, there is a workout on Friday night and then the tournament on Saturday. More details will be posted soon.

Even before the Virden tournament is the Whitecourt Wado Kai – Clinic And Tournament. The dates for this tournament are February 10 – 12, 2012. Download the tournament form Whitecourt Tournament 2012. This tournament also includes an advanced Brown/Black Belt workout on the Sunday if some of our advanced karateka are interested in attending.

Well Done!!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the grading last night. Even taking part in the workout is a rewarding experience.

Special congratulations to those of you who were awarded promotions!

A wise person once said, “… don’t treat a grading just like any other workout; treat every workout as if it were a grading.” Another wise person puts it this way, “Practice like you play!”

Well done, everyone!