Grading time is here again.

There will be a Just for Kicks grading on this Tuesday, January 17. The students should be at the dojo early and ready to start at 6:30 sharp! Be sure to bring water for any short breaks. Encourage your karateka to pay close attention to the Sempai leading each component of the grading and to give their very best effort, even if they make some mistakes. Encourage them to run through their basics and kata at home leading up to the grading so they are prepared.

The Adult/Jr grading will take place next week, Tuesday, January 24. The same advice should be taken by our older karateka. Bring water, practice at home, come early, and be prepared. Along with crisp technique and spirited kata, the stances should be deep and solid. Focus on the instructions given by the Sensei and try your hardest… even if you make a mistake.

Good luck, everyone. See you at the gradings.