2 Weeks left…

… until our tournament!

We still need some volunteers to help out with various things during the tournament. Sensei Cara has been working hard to get people in place to “organize” some of the various aspects of the tournament. Now those organizers will be asking for volunteers to fill out the duty list. None of the work is difficult and, “… many hands make light work!” If we all pitch in and so something, then no ONE person has to do EVERYTHING!

We spent some time going over “tournament etiquette” this week so be sure to take a few moments and just “step through” your tournament kata or imaginary kumite. If you can, try running through your tournament kata everyday so that you are completely familiar with it on the day of the tournament. Nerves can sneak up on anyone and suddenly, when you’re supposed to be doing a stellar Pinan Nidan, you find yourself two steps into Pinan Shodan!

Remember to schedule time to attend the workout on Friday, November 26.

The senseis will continue to talk about the tournament at our regular classes. See you on Tuesday!

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