Good turn out last night and Think Tournament!

Despite the weather, we still had a good turn-out of people for last night’s workout. Close to 20 “Just for Kicks”, and more than 20 juniors and adults braved the treacherous weather and made it to the dojo. Thanks to everyone for coming. It was a good workout.

Now that November is here, thoughts around the dojo will turn towards preparing for our tournament.

Each year, Moose Mountain Wado-Kai hosts the Saskatchewan Provincial Wado-Kai Karate Tournament. The tournament is held at G.F. Kells High School in Carlyle on Saturday, November 27. A Workout is also held on Friday, November 26. The workout is led by some of the highest ranking Senseis in the country and, to some anyway, is the most important part of the tournament weekend. Even if you are unable or tentative about attending the actual tournament, you really should try to attend the workout on the Friday night. The workout is open to all belt levels and offers a great opportunity for growth as a karateka (karate student).

Participating in the tournament, at all age/skill levels, is also a tremendous opportunity for growth. Despite being a “competition”, there is a tremendous sense of support and encouragement between ALL of the participants. Many of us have found that we have developed a group of “Tournament Buddies”. These are fellow students, most often at your same belt rank, with whom you strike up a friendship that grows as you meet again in following tournaments. A friendly sense of competition grows and the tournaments become more fun as you meet more people.

The senseis will have much to say as they continue their hard work with us in preparation for the tournament. Keep working. See you at the next workout.

Be Careful Out There!!

Well, it looks like winter has found us… at least for today!!

Regular class is still on for today!

The senseis want to remind everyone that it is always smarter to stay safe than to put yourself at risk… especially when it comes to driving! If you don’t feel comfortable driving to today’s workout, then don’t feel guilty for not attending. Today’s workout is being viewed as “Optional” due to the weather conditions.

If you don’t make it to the workout, you could still practice your techniques at home!


Regular Classes again! and Congratulations!

We’re back to regular karate classes again.

Just a reminder to those of you who might be interested… the Redvers Karate Club has begun having classes on Monday nights at the Redvers Activity Centre.

CONGRATULATIONS! to Sensei Andrew for competing in his first ever cage match on the weekend. Sensei scored a nice takedown but ended up losing the match to a strong arm bar. Great job, Sensei! We know you learned a great deal and will be even tougher in your next match.

See you on Tuesday!

Regular Classes back next week

We’re back to regular classes next week. So we’ll see everone out on Tuesday, October 26.

If you are interested in some of the early history of karate, there’s a link posted on the “Downloads” page here. It’s a short e-book and a free download.

For those interested, remember the Thursday night workout at the Built for Life gym here in Carlyle at 7:00 p.m.

class cancelled tomorrow!!

This is just a reminder that KARATE IS CANCELLED FOR TOMORROW, OCTOBER 19, 2010!

However, if you would still like to workout this week, you have two options:

1. You could attend the first class of the Redvers Wado-Kai Karate club tonight (Monday, Oct. 18) at 7:30 at the Redvers Activity Centre.


2. You could come to the Built For Life gym on Thursday night at 7:00 for the regular Thursday workout.

If neither of these work for you, maybe try to take a few minutes and go over some of the techniques we have been working on and review your kata a few times at home. The nickname for that is “carpet kata”! Just be careful not to hit anything in the house!!

See you next week.

Fun Workout Last Night

We would like to thank Sensei Crystal for working out with us last night. We covered a lot of shindo basics and had a nice karate workout after that. It was also nice to have Sensei Doug join us last night! Thank you, Senseis, for working with us!

Just another reminder that CLASSES ARE CANCELLED THIS COMING TUESDAY, OCT. 19. There will still be a workout on Thursday at the Built For Life gym for those interested. The invitation is still open for people interested in attending the Redvers Karate club workout on Monday in place of our regular Tuesday workout.

Have a great weekend.

No Karate Next Week – Oct. 19

Karate classes are CANCELLED for TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19. The Elementary School is hosting the Missoula Children’s Theatre once again and the gym is needed all next week for their rehearsals.

In the meantime, however…

Thursday, Oct. 14 – Sensei Crystal from Saskatoon is in town and will be working out with us at the Built for Life gym in Carlyle. The workout begins at 7:00 p.m. and will be introductory shindo and a karate workout. All are welcome but space is limited. Wear your gi! Plan to go to at least 9:00 p.m.

Monday, Oct. 18 – The Redvers Karate club is starting their first class under Sensei Jeff! Class begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Redvers Activity Centre. Anyone who feels they would enjoy the workout because of the cancellation in Carlyle is welcome to attend. Check out the previous post for information and locations and the “Redvers Karate Club” page link at the top of this page.

Technique and Redvers Karate Club info.

It was great to see everyone working hard last night! The basic techniques are critical as they build a foundation upon which to develop more advanced techniques. Never be afraid to make a mistake in class! Just remember that EVERYONE started from the same place.


Sensei Jeff is ready to start his classes in Redvers. The REDVERS KARATE CLUB will start classes on MONDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. Classes will be held at the REDVERS ACTIVITY CENTRE – 55 Warren Street.

Here’s a map for directions: Redvers Activity Centre

More E-Mail Addresses!!

Okay everyone… We only have 5 e-mail addresses so far this week!

Just send a short email to so that we can add you to our list. We are assembling this list in order to notify everyone of important events; especially class cancellations due to bad weather.

Regular class tomorrow night. Hope to see everyone there!!

How’s your kata coming? Can you remember the terms for punch and kick?

Just checking!!!