Good turn out last night and Think Tournament!

Despite the weather, we still had a good turn-out of people for last night’s workout. Close to 20 “Just for Kicks”, and more than 20 juniors and adults braved the treacherous weather and made it to the dojo. Thanks to everyone for coming. It was a good workout.

Now that November is here, thoughts around the dojo will turn towards preparing for our tournament.

Each year, Moose Mountain Wado-Kai hosts the Saskatchewan Provincial Wado-Kai Karate Tournament. The tournament is held at G.F. Kells High School in Carlyle on Saturday, November 27. A Workout is also held on Friday, November 26. The workout is led by some of the highest ranking Senseis in the country and, to some anyway, is the most important part of the tournament weekend. Even if you are unable or tentative about attending the actual tournament, you really should try to attend the workout on the Friday night. The workout is open to all belt levels and offers a great opportunity for growth as a karateka (karate student).

Participating in the tournament, at all age/skill levels, is also a tremendous opportunity for growth. Despite being a “competition”, there is a tremendous sense of support and encouragement between ALL of the participants. Many of us have found that we have developed a group of “Tournament Buddies”. These are fellow students, most often at your same belt rank, with whom you strike up a friendship that grows as you meet again in following tournaments. A friendly sense of competition grows and the tournaments become more fun as you meet more people.

The senseis will have much to say as they continue their hard work with us in preparation for the tournament. Keep working. See you at the next workout.