tournament help

As the club begins to prepare for the Provincial Wado-Kai tournament, we need to turn to our members for help to make it a success.

We need to set up volunteers for certain aspects of the tournament. Some areas are:
1. Canteen
2. Kitchen
3. Prize Table
4. Score Keeping
5. T-Shirts…
and others.

All of these jobs are important to the success of OUR tournament. There are participants here from Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba. We enjoy a reputation of putting on a 1st class event and we know we can keep that expectation high.

“Many hands make light work!” so let’s all jump in a help out. If you’re interested in helping but have no preference for which area then just let a sensei know at next week’s workout that you will help wherever you are needed.

Lots of great work last night after a tough warm-up!! Way to go, everyone! See you next week.

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