Message from the Shintani Federation

In order to streamline communication between the SWKKF and its members, they have set up a “subscription” service much like our web site here. You can select what type of information you wish to receive from the federation and then submit an email address to receive periodic notices. Here is the actual message from Sensei Marco.


In an effort to streamline communications in the SWKKF we are requesting all regional representativesclub representatives and general SWKKF public go to the website, scroll down to the bottom and add themselves to the mailing list.
The flow of general communication will no longer go through us, it will go direct.  Keep in mind, there will be times when we will initiate the communication channels (example. “Upcoming Senate Meeting”).

Scroll to the bottom to “Subscribe to the SWKKF!” 

It is broken this down into 4 sections (users add check boxes to what they want):
  • Important Notices (SWKKF Specific)
  • Events – Western Canada
  • Events – Eastern Canada
  • Harmonizer Releases


  • Important Notices (SWKKF Specific) – whenever the Senate needs to send communication out to the public (changes in policy, committee requests, etc).
  • Events – Western Canada – beginning of the month (usually 1st)
  • Events – Eastern Canada – beginning of the month (usually 1st)
  • Harmonizer Releases – three times a year, as released.