This week… plus small change for next week

Regular classes at the regular times this week. 

The Manitoba Provincial Clinic and Tournament is this coming weekend in Hamiota, MB. Here’s the info again:


Medical Declaration forms and Tournament Registration forms can be found in previous posts, or on our “Events” page.

Next week classes will be held on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8 due to a school event being held on the Tuesday. Classes will be at the regular times, just on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

BOTTLE DRIVE ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11 – meet at Regal Autobody at 10:00 am to get organized.

Commitment Letters and deposits for the Ontario trip are due on Tuesday, February 14.


See you at the dojo!

Manitoba Provincial Update

The Manitoba Provincial Shintani tournament and clinic is next Friday and Saturday, February 3 and 4, 2017.

Sensei Denis will be in attendance to lead the clinic on Friday night. Limited accommodations are available in Hamiota, and the hotel there is “cash only”, but there is motel space in Shoal Lake and Oak River, MB. If you desire a reservation for Friday night, call soon! See the form below for motel contact information. Sensei Kevin and Sempai Rolland are staying at the Shoal Lake Motor Inn on the Friday night.


There will be a canteen available for food at the tournament. Lunch will be $10 and will include hamburger soup, macaroni salad, deli meats, buns, cheese, pickles, veggie tray, fruit tray, and desserts!

There is also a banquet on Saturday following the tournament. They would like us to submit numbers for the banquet by this Tuesday, January 31. The cost is $15 per plate for age 11 and up; $10 per plate for age 10 and under. The meal will include roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes, assorted veggies, salads, and sides with cheesecake dessert. If you are attending this tournament and would like to attend the banquet, please tell Sensei Kevin in class on Tuesday.

There is also a silent auction and some merchandise available like t-shirts and hats, so you may wish to bring some extra cash along for those things.

There is regular class this Tuesday!

See you at the dojo!

Class Tonight – Important Due Date today

Just a reminder that ALL tickets for the Arcola Rally MUST be handed in today sold or not.

This is also the date to hand in your medical forms if you plan on attending the Manitoba Provincial Tournament next weekend. These forms, and registration forms if you wish, can be given to Sensei Kevin tonight and he will send them to the Manitoba organizers.



The sign-up deadline is fast-approaching for the Ontario trip. Please remember to complete the “Commitment Letter” if you intend to participate in the trip to Ontario.


See you at the dojo!

Important Deadlines on Tuesday

Just a reminder that ALL tickets for the Arcola Rally MUST be handed in on Tuesday. Even if you weren’t able to sell them, please hand them in. If there is a chance that you won’t be at class on Tuesday, please make arrangements to hand them in earlier.

Tuesday is also the deadline to hand in the Medical Declaration forms for the Manitoba Provincial tournament in Hamiota. The form is quick and easy to fill out, but is absolutely mandatory for anyone wishing to participate in that event. If you bring it with you on the day of the tournament, you WILL NOT be allowed to participate. This is Manitoba law. The clinic and tournament take place on February 3 and 4 in Hamiota, MB.

Here’s the form manitoba-medical-declaration-report

Here’s the registration form for the tournament. manitoba-karate-tournament-registration2017

The deadline is fast approaching to turn in the “Letter of Committment” and deposit for our club trip to Ontario. These forms are due at class or before February 14. Once these forms are received, we will be able to determine more accurate costs for the trip. If you have any questions, please ask Sensei Kevin.

Here is the “Letter of Committment” letter-of-commitment

See you at the dojo!

Manitoba Provincial Tournament – IMPORTANT INFO!

Here is the information for the Manitoba Provincial Wado Kai Karate Tournament.


The next form is a “Medical Declaration Report” form that MUST be completed and returned to the tournament organizers BEFORE the day of the tournament. They are required to submit these forms to Karate Manitoba. You can complete these forms and return them to Sensei Kevin who will send them in to the organizers. Please hand them in no later than January 24.


This last form is the actual Registration Form for the tournament. This form can be completed and brought the day of registration along with fees. No fees are required prior to registering at the tournament.


Just a reminder that the Manitoba Provincial Tournament is being held in Hamiota, MB this year.

Melita Workshop this weekend

The Melita workshops are this Saturday in Melita, MB.

Sensei Alby will begin the day at 10:00 am with his self-defense workshop. The workshop is geared to female self-defense, but it is an excellent workshop for males as well!

Lunch is around noon and the tournament workshop begins after lunch usually around 1:00 pm.

All of this for a registration fee of only $5! 

Remember… the Manitoba Provincial Tournament is February 3 and 4 in Hamiota, MB.

See you at the dojo!

IMPORTANT info for Ontario trip!

If you are thinking about attending the National Shintani Memorial Tournament, please download, read, and return the “Letter of Commitment”.


Please return this form with your deposit by Tuesday, February 14, 2017.

Once we have these forms, 1 form for each club member going on the trip, we will be able to determine costs more accurately.

Dates for the trip are: Departure from Winnipeg to Toronto on Wednesday, May 24, 2017; Return to Winnipeg on Sunday, May 28, 2017. We are planning a day trip to Niagara Falls for Thursday, May 25. The tournament clinic is Friday, May 26, and the tournament itself is on Saturday, May 27.

We are also planning another Bottle Drive for Saturday, January 28, 2017. It would be great to get lots of help for this one just like in the fall!

Self-Defense Article

Here is a link to an excellent article by Kris Wilder about things to consider related to self-defense.

Self-defense may seem like a no-brainer, but any time a confrontation escalates to physical violence there are more things to consider. 

Kris Wilder is a self-defense/martial arts expert from the US. His articles and books are excellent sources of information. He is also a self-professed “CFL nerd” who even knows the Riders’ fight song!!

Check out the article.