Manitoba Provincial Update

The Manitoba Provincial Shintani tournament and clinic is next Friday and Saturday, February 3 and 4, 2017.

Sensei Denis will be in attendance to lead the clinic on Friday night. Limited accommodations are available in Hamiota, and the hotel there is “cash only”, but there is motel space in Shoal Lake and Oak River, MB. If you desire a reservation for Friday night, call soon! See the form below for motel contact information. Sensei Kevin and Sempai Rolland are staying at the Shoal Lake Motor Inn on the Friday night.


There will be a canteen available for food at the tournament. Lunch will be $10 and will include hamburger soup, macaroni salad, deli meats, buns, cheese, pickles, veggie tray, fruit tray, and desserts!

There is also a banquet on Saturday following the tournament. They would like us to submit numbers for the banquet by this Tuesday, January 31. The cost is $15 per plate for age 11 and up; $10 per plate for age 10 and under. The meal will include roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes, assorted veggies, salads, and sides with cheesecake dessert. If you are attending this tournament and would like to attend the banquet, please tell Sensei Kevin in class on Tuesday.

There is also a silent auction and some merchandise available like t-shirts and hats, so you may wish to bring some extra cash along for those things.

There is regular class this Tuesday!

See you at the dojo!