Time to think about the tournament!

Our home tournament, the Saskatchewan Provincial Wado Kai Karate Tournament, is coming up fast! November 25 and 26, 2016!

We need all of our club members to help in order to make the tournament a success. The jobs aren’t hard, we just need people to do them.

We are asking all of our members to pick up some kind of small “gift” for a raffle table (like they do at hockey tournaments). It does not have to be a gift for a child, but it does need to be appropriate for the whole family.

In the next few classes we will be asking people to think about and sign up to help in a number of ways. Here are some places we need help:

  • working in the canteen – selling lunch and snacks to participants. There is a schedule made up and you will be able to choose a time to help.
  • score/time keeping – this is done ring-side at tables. It isn’t hard, and we’ll show you how to do it. Preferably, we have 3 people per ring to do this.
  • selling tickets at the raffle table. This involves counting money and giving change.
  • helping at the registration table taking fees and forms. This should be an older karateka or adult.

Those are the main things with which we need help. Other jobs will come up as the tournament approaches.

Our club is well-known for running an excellent tournament! Let’s all help to make this the best one yet!

See you at the dojo!