CONGRATULATIONS to Team Sask! #kcnationals2016

Congratulations to all of Team Saskatchewan for their hard work and awesome performances at Saskatchewan’s first ever appearance at Karate Canada Nationals!

We are so proud of the whole team! They represented Saskatchewan and their respective dojos with class and style. Way to go, you guys!

We would also like to thank the coaches, managers, and trainers who worked with the team for all of their dedication and committment to helping our young athletes get the most out of this amazing opportunity.

Thank you also to the organizers and planning committees of Karate Canada for organizing and running such an amazing event for the karateka of Canada. Olympics… here we come!!!

We will have more images and videos to come soon.

Link Fixed

Some people expressed a problem viewing the KC Nationals schedule in the previous post. That link has now been fixed and works properly.

Here it is againEvent Schedule

As soon as we know the Live Streaming web site address, we will share it.

Thanks to those who let us know about the issue with the previous post.

Karate Canada Nationals

Good luck to Sensei Savanna, Sensei Quinn, Marlee, Payton, Ethan A, and Nathen at the Karate Canada Nationals this weekend! We’re all cheering for you!

They leave for Richmond, BC tomorrow. The weigh-ins are on Thursday, and competition runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The schedule for “Team Saskatchewan” is included in this post. You can check out what time our members compete and on which tatami (mat) and then watch them on streaming video online! As soon as the streaming link is available, we will share it here. Don’t forget, competition times are listed in BC time! They are 2 hours behind Saskatchewan time.

Here’s the schedule.

Event Schedule