Excellent Workout!

Great work last night, everyone!

There were many sweaty faces on the floor last night which shows how hard everyone was working! 

For our new members… great job! You were all trying hard and sticking with it. Keep it up.

Congratulations to everyone who received their new belts last night. It’s always exciting to achieve a higher rank. However, with higher rank comes higher responsibility! As you rank up, you become more of a role model and example to the others in the dojo. You need to worker harder than you did at your previous rank in all aspects of your martial life. People ARE watching you and will follow the example you set. We know you are all up to the challenge!

See you at the dojo!

The Journey Continues…

… for our competitive club members this weekend as they travel to Calgary for more intensive training in the style of competition used at the National competition.

They will be working out with Sensei Heather and members of the Alberta provincial team to further develop their skills and understanding of the rules and etiquette for this world class event. Good luck and work hard in Calgary.