Duffle Bag/Backpack update

We can now add names to any duffle bag/backpack you wish to order.

We have also learned that there are currently NO RED BACKPACKS AVAILABLE. So, if you want to order a backpack, it looks like your only option is black, but that’s cool!!

If you would like to add a first and last name to your order, please add the desired embroidery in clear, easy-to-read printing under the choice of colour. Then ADD $6.00 to the initial cost, ADD 10% tax and fill in your total in the space provided.

If you have already submitted an order form and would like to add embroidery, please bring a cheque or cash to class on Thursday, November 12 to pay the difference in cost (or fill out another order form and we can destroy the previous one and return your initial payment). We apologize for the inconvenience.

Duffle Bag Order 2015 embroidery