Great Tournament!

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in the tournament this weekend!

Whether you were competing or helping out in some other way, everyone who contributed in any way helped to make the tournament a huge success!

We had many comments from our visitors about how great our tournament is, and much of that is due to the help we receive from our volunteers.

Way to go, everyone!

Here is some tournament info:

  • We had 105 individual competitors and 31 black belts.
  • Our age and belt rank ranged from 4 year old white belt to 8th Dan Black Belt.
  • There were 3 senate members in attendance.
  • We had 7 of the 11 National Team members in attendance plus 3 of their coaches.
  • The National Team training sessions on Friday were exciting and well attended.
  • We had representation from 4 provinces: Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario.
  • The Clint McFarland Memorial Trophy recipient was Sensei Cheryl Boivin from Calgary. Clint was a karateka with our club under Sensei Rathe and died tragically in a workplace accident. Because of his passion for karate, his family donated money to the club. The Memorial Trophy was established and the recipient is selected by the black belts in attendance at the tournament. In a nutshell, the recipient is someone whom the Senseis would like to introduce to Sensei Shintani. The recipient need not be a top competitor, but represents the qualities that were important to Sensei. Sensei Cheryl is a very deserving recipient.
  • We offered 6 additional trophies this year for “Outstanding Karateka” as selected by Sensei Denis and Sensei Ron. The recipients of those awards were: Just for Kicks Male – Sawyer Tomaszewski (MMWKK); Just for Kicks Female – Karsyn Gervais (MMWKK); Jr. Male – Ethan Anderson (MMWKK); Jr. Female – Leila Lawrence (Calgary); Adult Male – Rolland Bouchard (MMWKK); Adult Female – Marlee Cormier (MMWKK). Congratulations!
  • The katana and wakazashi raffle was won by Sensei Owen Day of Weyburn, SK.

Many photos from the tournament can be seen online by going to Instagram and searching the hashtag – #carlylekarate30

Thank you to everyone who posted pictures! We hope to share some more.

Many videos were taken of the National Team in various kata and kumite events, and will posted to our YouTube channel gradually over the next while. Our YouTube channel can be found at this link: or by going to YouTube an searching for Moose Mountain Karate.

Be sure to view some of the previous posts to see some images from the weekend.

Excellent job, everyone! Remember, regular class in the regular place tomorrow.

See you at the dojo!