What a “Smashing” workout!

It’s surprising how much fun one can have when they’re breaking stuff!! Even if it’s their own knuckles! Ok… so we didn’t have any broken knuckles but there was definitely some bruising and swelling. We have the photographic proof but won’t publish it here! Let’s just say we will be spending some time working on focus points and targeting 😉

The Just for Kicks students had a great time throwing and submitting our instructors as well! We’ll all have to watch out for those sneaky quick arm bars!!

The Melfort Tournament is coming up next weekend, May 3, 2014 for those interested in attending. Here is the information Melfort 2014 Tournament Poster

The Manitoba Provincial Tournament is being held the following weekend, May 9/10, in Boissevain, MB. The information for that tournament is posted below in previous links.

It would be great to see a number of our members try attend both of these events!

See you at the dojo!