A Great Year!

It was nice to see so many of our members at the BBQ/Potluck wind-up this week!

Thank you so much to all of our karateka for working so hard this year and giving 110% at every workout. It is a real treat for the Senseis to work with dedicated and eager students every week.

We plan to continue to try new things as we did this year. We also want to continue to encourage our students to attend other tournaments to meet new karate people and share their skills.

Congratulations to Sensei Quinn on his graduation this year! He plans to enter the U. of R. in the fall. We’ll be sure to get him, Sensei Savanna, and Sensei Andrew back in the dojo as often as we can!

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Have a great “off-season”! We hope to see all of you back in the fall. Bring a friend!!

See you at the dojo!

Year End BBQ/Potluck on Today!

Tonight is our BBQ/Potluck wind up!

Come to the dojo around 6 pm with your potluck dish. We’ll have the BBQ there and burgers ready to go!

Thanks for a great season, everyone! We implemented many new things this year and tried a few that didn’t work as well. Next year will be even better!

See you at the dojo!

Last Class

This week is the last regular class of our karate season. Both groups are at their regular times.

Next week, May 27, we will be having our wind-up potluck and barbecue.

Bring your meal item to the dojo at 6:00 pm and we’ll have the barbecues ready to go!

It’s been a great year! We hope to see everyone there.

See you at the dojo!

Last Regular Class of the Season… And Weyburn Tournament.

Great work last night, everyone! Way to give those Senseis a workout!!

Next week, May 20, will be our last regular class of the season. The following week, Tuesday, May 27, will be our wind-up pot luck and BBQ dinner.

The Weyburn Tournament is being held on Sunday, May 25 at Haig School in Weyburn. Registration is at noon and the tournament begins at 1 pm. It would be great to see a number of our members attend to support this excellent event. It is a smaller tournament much like the one in Melitta in January.

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See you at the dojo!

Well Done in Manitoba!

Congratulations to our members who participated in the Manitoba Provincial Wado Kai Karate Tournament over the weekend! Our members did very well and represented our club exceptionally well!

There were a number of excellent demonstrations performed at the tournament and we will share some video of them over the next few weeks.

We’ll start it off with this one:

Sensei Shannon Kaye performing Taisei no Shindo

14 Years Ago…

Sensei Shintani passed away.

Sensei Denis has asked us to pass on the following message:

​”Today is the day that Sensei Masaru Shintani passed away 14 years ago in Kapuskasing, Ontario. Can we take a moment today to reflect on Sensei and remember ….” his humility, his respect for everyone, and the way he led his life with honour in peace and harmony.

“Also, I would encourage you to take a moment to read about Sensei on the website – this was his organization and his life’s work is the SWKKF.  It is our mission to continue forward with it.
Sensei Denis“​
We have similar information about Sensei Shintani on our “About” page.
Sensei Shintani Shintani Shindo

Congratulations and Tournament Information

Congratulations to Sensei Quinn for receiving the rank of Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) over the weekend! Also congratulations to Sensei Corey who received his Shodan at the same grading. We would also like to congratulate Sempai Hannah for participating in the black belt grading and coming home with the perfect attitude to prepare for her future grading. Way to go, everyone! We’re very proud of all of you!

Here is the information, again, for the Boissevain tournament coming up this weekend:

manitoba tournament flyer updated

Manitoba Tournament entry form

Manitoba Friday Night Clinic 2014

The information for the Weyburn Tournament is as follows:

Sunday, May 25 at Haig School.

Registration  Noon – 1pm

$10 entry per person