New Session Fees and the Next Tournament

Great workout tonight everyone!

Just another reminder to pay your fees for the new session that started today. Thank you.

Also, we have posted information regarding the next tournament in our area.

The Melitta Tournament is hosted by Sensei Alby Morris in the Melitta School Gym on Saturday, January 18, 2014. The morning is advertised as a “Self-Defense class focused on Female Assault”. Well, if you’ve never attended one of Sensei Alby’s self-defense classes, you really should go to this one. It IS NOT just for women!! Sensei will show you many techniques for a number of situations that leave us with no other method of escape. He is direct and the techniques he teaches are highly effective. It is definitely a self-defense clinic worth attending. The tournament itself is an excellent little tournament specifically designed to help develop confidence in tournament performance for karateka of all ages. It also provides new black belts and brown belt students an opportunity to learn to do some corner judging. It is a terrific little event and so close to us.

There are more details on our “Events” page.