Grading Update

Congratulations to all of our young karateka who received new stripes or belts tonight! Everyone worked really hard and did really well!

Remember that Just For Kicks is cancelled next week due to the kyu belt grading.

Next week, the kyu belt grading will be held at 6:00 pm and not 6:30 as previously announced.

Please arrive early to warm up so that we can begin the grading promptly at 6!

See you at the dojo!


The Just For Kicks grading will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, January 28 at 6:00 pm.

Please notice the time change.

The Jr/Adult class will be held at 7:30 as usual.

The kyu belt grading will be held next week, Tuesday, February 4 at 6:30 pm.

Just For Kicks class is cancelled on Tuesday, February 4.

GRADING reminder and KICK-A-THON information

Here it comes! Excited?

The Just for Kicks Grading is next week! Tuesday, January 28 at 6:00 pm. PLEASE NOTE THE TIME!!!!! Be sure to help your young karateka with their katas and basic techniques. You’ll want to arrive at the dojo a little early to warm up and settle in and be ready to start on time.

THERE IS REGULAR JR/ADULT CLASS AT 7:30 NEXT WEEK. The Kyu Belt Grading is Tuesday, February 4 at 6:30 pm.


KICK – A – THON information:

Tonight we introduced you to the new “Annual Kick-a-Thon” being started by the Shintani Federation as way for the organization to become more visible while contributing to the communities we serve.

This year, our designated charity is the Carlyle KidSport organization which helps families in our area enrol their children in organized sporting activities. All of the money raised will stay in our area.

The letter and pledge form can be downloaded by clicking these links:

Kick-a-thon Letter     Kick-a-thon Pledge Form

Remember that this event is a participation event and you should plan to be in attendance on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 when we actually do the kick-a-thon activity.

The Shintani Federation is also awarding prizes for the top fund-raisers on a national level.

Let’s show them what Saskatchewan can do!!!

See you at the dojo.

Another excellent Tournament!

Sensei Alby has had another excellent tournament in Melita, MB!

Close to 40 participants in 11 divisions took part in the Melita Mini Tournament yesterday. The day began with a self-defence clinic led by Sensei Alby. Sensei always does a great job of these clinics showing the participants many ways to deal with a personal assault. His workshops are always well instructed and demonstrate the effectiveness of karate in these situations.

It was nice to see a few participants from our dojo attend the tournament as well. Congratulations to Jaython, Gerren, Payton, Ethan, Quinn, and Sensei Kevin for doing a great job representing our dojo.


Melitta Tournament TOMORROW!

Just a reminder that the Melitta “Mini” Tournament is being held tomorrow in Melitta, MB. Here are the details that we have.


January 18, 2014 –  Melitta Tournament – Melitta School Gym, Melitta, MB

10:00 am – 12:00 noon – Self-Defense Class focused on Female Assault. Everyone should try to attend one of Sensei Alby’s Self Defense classes! Male or female, he gives practical, “street” karate advice to use in situations that threaten personal harm. They are great clinics for everyone.

There is a lunch for competitors and family.

1:00 pm – Tournament Begins

Sensei Alby calls this a “Learning Tournament” for all belt levels. It is a fantastic, small tournament, for our young karateka to develop tournament experience and confidence. It is also a great place for Brown Belts and newer Black Belts to work on judging techniques. It is an excellent and enjoyable tournament that is close to our home dojo.

This is how Sensei Alby describes his tournament.

This is a mini tournament, and, as much as possible, a teaching tournament.   Higher Kyu belts and junior Black Belts are encouraged to attend, to give them experience at corner judging.  SWKF rules apply.  Remember, a disqualification means you are out of the Tournament. 

Any questions or additional information please call:    

 Alby Morris   (204)522-3172


See you there!


The dates of the gradings have been changed due to the high school final exam week!

The new dates are:

Just for Kicks grading – January 28, 6:00 pm – No class on February 4.

Kyu Belt grading – February 4, 6:30 pm – regular classes continue until the grading.

See you at the dojo.

Regular Class Tonight – Just For Kicks Grading Next Week!

There is regular class tonight.

And a reminder to the Just For Kicks group that there is a grading for you next week starting at 6:00 pm! 

Also just a heads up for everyone that the gradings are run just a bit differently than the regular workouts so be ready for the difference.

Be sure to arrive early for the grading so that you can stretch and warm up and be ready to start the grading right at the appointed time.

See you at the dojo.