Melitta Tournament TOMORROW!

Just a reminder that the Melitta “Mini” Tournament is being held tomorrow in Melitta, MB. Here are the details that we have.


January 18, 2014 –  Melitta Tournament – Melitta School Gym, Melitta, MB

10:00 am – 12:00 noon – Self-Defense Class focused on Female Assault. Everyone should try to attend one of Sensei Alby’s Self Defense classes! Male or female, he gives practical, “street” karate advice to use in situations that threaten personal harm. They are great clinics for everyone.

There is a lunch for competitors and family.

1:00 pm – Tournament Begins

Sensei Alby calls this a “Learning Tournament” for all belt levels. It is a fantastic, small tournament, for our young karateka to develop tournament experience and confidence. It is also a great place for Brown Belts and newer Black Belts to work on judging techniques. It is an excellent and enjoyable tournament that is close to our home dojo.

This is how Sensei Alby describes his tournament.

This is a mini tournament, and, as much as possible, a teaching tournament.   Higher Kyu belts and junior Black Belts are encouraged to attend, to give them experience at corner judging.  SWKF rules apply.  Remember, a disqualification means you are out of the Tournament. 

Any questions or additional information please call:    

 Alby Morris   (204)522-3172


See you there!