… and the new Session begins, too!

Good workout last night, everyone! We’re sure the tournament will be very successful. For those of you who have participated in tournaments before, Good Luck! To those of you who will be entering your first karate tournament, we hope this tournament is a good introduction to a larger karate family.

Many of us who attend tournaments regularly do so not only for the thrill of competition but also to keep in touch with other karateka who have become good friends through the tournaments.

All you can do is your best. And remember to have fun! Stick around through the day before and after your event. Get involved. Offer to help out in some way. Like so many things, you get out of it what you put into it! See you at the tournament!

Also… next week is the start of SESSION 2. Please be prepared to pay your fees for the next session. They are the same as for Session 1.


See you at the dojo.

Last Workout and Tournament THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!

Please bring your “gifts” for the prize table to the workout this week. You can give them to Payton. If you forget, you can still bring them on Saturday.

Our last workout before the tournament is our opportunity to make sure everything is order and ready to go for the weekend. That includes everyone’s kata and kumite preparation!

Be sure you are going through your tournament kata every day so that you can perform it with distractions. There will be quite a few people in the dojo that day so it’s easy to lose your focus.

Here is a letter about the tournament: 2013 tourney Letter

If you haven’t registered for the tournament online yet, here is a downloadable 2013 Tournament Registration for you to complete. Here is the online version: http://www.shintani.ca/index.php?option=com_chronoforms&chronoform=Saskatchewan

You may need to copy and paste that link into your browser window.

EVERYONE should really try to attend the clinic on Friday evening. There is no school that day either so the kids should be good and rested and ready for a good karate work out. Here is the schedule and a short note regarding the tournament.

Carlyle Prov Tourney Flyer – 2013

Supper is being held at The Skyline in Carlyle. A special will be served but ordering from the menu is also permitted. Price will be posted tomorrow.

2 Classes to go before Tournament

We have regular class tomorrow night. Only tomorrow and next week left before our tournament on November 29 and 30.

We are asking our members to bring prizes for the draw table. Just a small item, either a toy or other item for younger members or a gift suitable for an adult, is fine. Please bring your gift to karate class and leave it with Payton Littlechief.

More details will be announced at karate class.

See you at the dojo.

Tournament Coming Up Fast!

The tournament is coming up quick, everyone!

We’ll be focusing on tournament preparation over the next couple of weeks to help get everyone into top form. Remember that with large classes like we have, the Senseis are always helping someone. If you would like some help, be sure to let them know but keep working while you are waiting for them to get to you. They want to help everyone! Sometimes it just takes a little longer to get to you. So make sure you’re doing your katas at home and working some techniques as well.

We can always use volunteers for the tournament. If you or a friend/relative is able to help out at a scoring table to help with score keeping or time keeping that would be great. We need the help throughout the day. We will also need help manning the gift table and working in the canteen. One DOES NOT have to be a karate student to help. This is a great opportunity for mom/dad/brother/sister to donate some time to a great event.

See you at the dojo.

Passbook Number Required and Registration Download

If you are trying to use the Online Tournament Registration you will get to the point where it asks for your passbook number. For our new members, the Federation has not yet issued the new books so you don’t actually have a number yet. If this is your situation, then just enter 111111 (that’s six 1’s). That way we’ll know you don’t have an actual number yet.

If you are an existing student whom we know has a passbook, then please enter your correct number. Failure to do so could be dangerous! Just kidding… entering your correct passbook number makes it easier for us to track your tournament participation.

I you wish to download, print, and bring your registration form to the tournament you can download a copy here 2013 Tournament Reg Form.

Sorry for any inconvenience.