Tournament Coming Up Fast!

The tournament is coming up quick, everyone!

We’ll be focusing on tournament preparation over the next couple of weeks to help get everyone into top form. Remember that with large classes like we have, the Senseis are always helping someone. If you would like some help, be sure to let them know but keep working while you are waiting for them to get to you. They want to help everyone! Sometimes it just takes a little longer to get to you. So make sure you’re doing your katas at home and working some techniques as well.

We can always use volunteers for the tournament. If you or a friend/relative is able to help out at a scoring table to help with score keeping or time keeping that would be great. We need the help throughout the day. We will also need help manning the gift table and working in the canteen. One DOES NOT have to be a karate student to help. This is a great opportunity for mom/dad/brother/sister to donate some time to a great event.

See you at the dojo.