Last Workout and Tournament THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!

Please bring your “gifts” for the prize table to the workout this week. You can give them to Payton. If you forget, you can still bring them on Saturday.

Our last workout before the tournament is our opportunity to make sure everything is order and ready to go for the weekend. That includes everyone’s kata and kumite preparation!

Be sure you are going through your tournament kata every day so that you can perform it with distractions. There will be quite a few people in the dojo that day so it’s easy to lose your focus.

Here is a letter about the tournament: 2013 tourney Letter

If you haven’t registered for the tournament online yet, here is a downloadable 2013 Tournament Registration for you to complete. Here is the online version:

You may need to copy and paste that link into your browser window.

EVERYONE should really try to attend the clinic on Friday evening. There is no school that day either so the kids should be good and rested and ready for a good karate work out. Here is the schedule and a short note regarding the tournament.

Carlyle Prov Tourney Flyer – 2013

Supper is being held at The Skyline in Carlyle. A special will be served but ordering from the menu is also permitted. Price will be posted tomorrow.