Good Work Out This Week!

Good job in class this week, everyone.

Remember, all karateka (students) age 14 and up are welcome to stay and participate in the “Late Session” after the regular class ends. In this session, we work many different aspects of karate from kata to kumite t0 ground work and more in depth self-defense.

If anyone is interested in taking part in the Thursday night workouts please talk to Sempais Savanna or Quinn. They have the details on which Thursdays we will be working out and can give you times and directions if you need.

See you at the dojo.

Congratulations Sempai Savanna!

On being awarded the Clinton McFarlane Memorial Trophy. You are well-deserving of the recognition.

Excellent work in class tonight, everyone! Be sure to “walk through” these self-defense techniques often on your own. Like many things, if you don’t keep at it, you eventually lose it.

Next week is the last week of Session 1. Please consider submitting membership fees for Session 2.

PHOTOGRAPHS from the Provincial Karate Tournament have been posted online. You may view them here.

Great Tournament!

Well done and congratulations, everyone, on another successful Provincial Karate Tournament!

It was great to see so many of our students participating in the weekend’s events from the workout on Friday night through the tournament and banquet on Saturday. Hopefully everyone met a new “karate friend” from another club and can look forward to seeing that friend at future tournaments. It is these connections and friendships built between clubs and provinces that strengthen and support our national Federation and keep us growing into the future.

For our visiting clubs… Thank you for coming so far to take part in our tournament! It is always a treat to have you visit us and we hope to return the visit to your clubs.

We’re back to regular classes in our home dojo this week. We look forward to hearing your stories from the tournament. Sensei Jayson has a good one.

See you at the dojo.

Great Workout! You’re Ready!

Well done last night, everyone.

It’s great that so many of our students are attending the tournament this weekend. Everyone’s kata has really sharpened up in the past 2 weeks and your kumite looks strong as well. Just be confident in your competition and do your best. That’s all anyone can do.

Remember what Sensei Shintani once said, “You are not finished when you lose. You are finished when you quit.”

See you at the tournament.

Here’s a map to the high school where the tournament is being held.

Last Workout Before the Tournament

Tonight is our last workout before the tournament this weekend!!

We’ll be working on our katas and tuning up our kumite as we practice “ring etiquette” and proper ring procedures.

Remember that we need everyone to sign up to help with something over the weekend in order for the tournament to run smoothly.

And it would be great to see everyone attend the tournament to meet some great people, see some great karate, and learn some new techniques.

See you tonight.

One more to go!

One more workout next week before our tournament!

Good work tonight, everyone. It looked like everyone made some good progress on their katas. Even just a quick run-through every night before bed will help to “own” the kata and do well on tournament day. Remember to move like you’re in a real fight when doing your kata. Make it believable!

Please remember that everyone needs to pitch in to help make our tournament successful. If we all help a little then no one needs to do a lot!

See you next week.

Class Tonight…

We’ll be having our regular classes tonight.

Just for Kicks at 6:30 and the Jr’s and Adults at 7:30.

We’re preparing hard for the tournament and we’ll be asking for volunteers tonight to help with various aspects of the tournament weekend.

See you tonight!

Time to Start Preparing…

for our annual tournament.

Each year, we host the SK Provincial Wad0-Kai Karate Tournament and it is always a terrific success. But only because we work together to make it that way!

The tournament draws over 100 people annually from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta and often has guests from Ontario as well. Naturally, to have an event like this run smoothly, we must ask people to take on certain responsibilities. But many hands make light work and if we all pitch in to help out no single job is very difficult.

We have only 2 workouts left to prepare for the tournament so next week we will be asking for volunteers for certain jobs on the tournament weekend. Since we’ll all be there (wink wink), it is easier to help out with some of these jobs.

We’ll need help with score keeping and timing (we’ll teach you how to do it; it’s really easy), canteen (including people to run the BBQ’s if that’s what’s decided), perhaps a prize table like our kids have at hockey tournaments, an equipment/merchandise table, and some other jobs as well. Come to the workout next week with your “Volunteer Hat” on!

This tournament has been running in Carlyle for over 25 years! Let’s make this the best one yet!!

Oh, and don’t forget to practice your kata!