Tournament Registration Form

Here is a link to download the Tournament Registration Form to pre-register for our tournament.

2012 SK Prov Reg Form

It’s coming up fast, only 3 weeks to go!

The tournaments are really great events for our karateka (students) of all ages. It is a great place to show your hard work and test yourself against other karateka. But more importantly, it is a great place to meet great people.

The people are helpful and supportive and the competition is friendly and good natured.

We’ll be discussing the tournament a great deal in the next few workouts.

See you at the dojo.

Fun Workout

Great workout this week, everyone!

It was kind of fun to practice in our tournament venue before the tournament.

We’re back in our regular dojo at the Elementary School so we’ll see you Tuesday!

Update about October 23 Class

On Tuesday, October 23, karate will be held at G.F. Kells High School Gym in Carlyle. The regular times will still be in effect.

Please use the rear, South doors (gym doors) to enter. We also ask that everyone, parents included, remove their footwear in the door entry.

This Tuesday, October 16, we are still at our regular dojo at the elementary school. See you Tuesday.

Here is a map of the location.

Guests in the dojo

Great workout last night everyone!

It was great to have some visiting sempais from the Weyburn club. Just FYI, as a paid member of the Shintani Wado-Kai Karate Federation, we are all welcome to attend workouts at any other Shintani dojo. It is nice just to touch base with the Sensei before doing so if possible.

See you next week.