Well Done in Saskatoon!! Duffle Bag Order Forms now Online.

Congratulations to our club members who travelled to Saskatoon over the weekend! There was plenty of hardware brought back to our dojo but, more importantly, everyone enjoyed themselves and felt good about their performance. Well, some of us may have felt better without the “DQ”!

For those of you interested in the duffle bag, please return your order form NEXT WEEK, TUESDAY, APRIL 5 so the bags can be ordered and received before this session ends.

Here is a link to the Duffle Bag Order Form.

New Club Duffle Bag

We will be putting together an order for a new Club Duffle Bag. Price information is at the bottom of this post.

We decided to go with a sturdy, high-quality bag that will last a long time. So we chose the Under Armour Duffle bag pictured here.

The bag is quite large and very well constructed. It will be personalized with our club’s “fist and dove” logo and name and members can have their names embroidered on it as well.

Since karate class was cancelled last night and we were unable to display the bag, we are asking members interested in purchasing one to “Comment” on this post or to send an email to info@moosemountainkarate.com  to let us know you would like one. We are asking this to establish an approximate number of bags to bring in for the first order.

We will have the bag on display at next week’s class but we would really appreciate your feedback earlier if possible.


$60 per bag with club logo only.
$66 with club logo and member’s name.

Unfortunately, both taxes will be added to this cost.

We Tried To Tell You!! Honest!!!

We tried to publish a post telling everyone that karate was cancelled tonight but WordPress was having trouble with their server and we couldn’t log in to do so!!


We’ll see you all next week.



We just received the REGISTRATION information for the National Shintani Tournament.

There will be no registration on the day of the tournament so they are asking that ALL PARTICIPANTS PRE-REGISTER for the tournament by midnight on MAY 25, 2011.

The dates of the tournament are Friday, May 27 and Saturday, May 28, 2011 at Brock University in St. Catharine’s Ontario.

The tournament information and registration package is here National Registration/Info 2011

The tournament flyer is here 2011 National Flyer

The Shintani Wado-Kai National Clinic and Tournament is always a great event. This year will be particularly special as we celebrate Sensei Shintani’s 60 Years in karate.

Our club Senseis will have more to say regarding the National Tournament in class.

Also, DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE SASKATOON TOURNAMENT COMING UP NEXT WEEKEND. This is an excellent tournament in a great facility… and it’s IN SASKATCHEWAN! Let’s support our local clubs! Here’s the Saskatoon information again Saskatoon Flyer 2011

How did YOU Fall? Saskatoon Reminder!!

It was another good work out last night!

How to fall is easily overlooked when learning self-defense techniques. As we saw last night, falling the “wrong” way, even on mats, can cause discomfort.

If you wish to practice your break-falls at home, be sure to do so on a soft carpet while remembering the techniques you learned in class.


Please try to attend the SASKATOON tournament next weekend. Just like our tournament, there is a workout on Friday, March 25 and the tournament itself is on Saturday, March 26.

The downloadable flyer is available in posts below and on our “events” and “downloads” pages.

See you next week in class AND (hopefully) in Saskatoon.

Something to Think About.

In Wado Kai Karate, as skill and knowledge are acquired through training and concentrated effort, the student is expected to develop inner strength and calmness of character, in addition to the virtues of self-control, respect for others, and humility.

“Violent action may be understood as the way of martial arts, but the true meaning of martial arts is to seek and attain the way of peace and harmony” – Sensei Otsuka

Check out our Words of Wisdom Page

Great Workout!! New Session.

What a great work out last night! I’m sure many of us are still “Feeling the Burn” from all of the push ups and crunches! We’ll definitely move faster to find a partner from now on!!

Good work, everyone!

The Saskatoon tournament is coming up quickly at the end of the month. It would be great to see lots of us up there to support the tournament. Sensei Crystal and Sensei Jeremy are great for bringing lots of participants to our tournament. Let’s repay them by attending theirs!! The downloadable brochure is available HERE.

Just a reminder that we have started a new Session so please pay any fees that you may have outstanding.