New Club Duffle Bag

We will be putting together an order for a new Club Duffle Bag. Price information is at the bottom of this post.

We decided to go with a sturdy, high-quality bag that will last a long time. So we chose the Under Armour Duffle bag pictured here.

The bag is quite large and very well constructed. It will be personalized with our club’s “fist and dove” logo and name and members can have their names embroidered on it as well.

Since karate class was cancelled last night and we were unable to display the bag, we are asking members interested in purchasing one to “Comment” on this post or to send an email to  to let us know you would like one. We are asking this to establish an approximate number of bags to bring in for the first order.

We will have the bag on display at next week’s class but we would really appreciate your feedback earlier if possible.


$60 per bag with club logo only.
$66 with club logo and member’s name.

Unfortunately, both taxes will be added to this cost.