Great Showing in Virden!

Congratulations to everyone who went to the Manitoba Provincial Tournament in Virden this weekend! We had a number of members in attendance and they represented our club very well! Good job!

We’ll see everyone at class on Tuesday and find out, in person, how everyone did.

Also a reminder that the South Calgary Tournament is being held this weekend for anyone interested.

See you tomorrow!

Manitoba Provincial Tournament This Weekend!

Just a reminder that the Manitoba Provincial Wado-Kai Karate Tournament is THIS weekend at the VIRDEN COLLEGIATE. There is a work-out on Friday night with Sensei Denis Labbé, the President of the SWKKF. The tournament itself takes place on Saturday. The information flyer can be found in previous posts below and on our Events page.

Thanks to everyone who came out on Tuesday. Especially the school students who are “On Holiday”! Your dedication is noticed and appreciated.

Good luck to everyone who goes to Virden!

See you at our regular work-out on Tuesday!

Karate Next Week – February 22, 2011

There IS class next week for those able to make it.

Well done to everyone who came out this week. The new Banner looks great!

Remember that Randori is slow motion! The whole idea is to learn to see techniques coming in and try various blocks and/or counters in an easier way. Then things speed up gradually until you are in full speed kumite.

Also, remember that the Manitoba Provincial Wado-Kai Karate Tournament is next weekend, February 25 and 26, in Virden, MB. at the Virden Collegiate. Good luck to everyone who attends.

Tournament Information

There are some great tournaments coming up soon.

Check out the previous post for info about the Virden, Manitoba Provincial Tournament on February 25 & 26.

There is also the SOUTH CALGARY WADO-KAI KARATE TOURNAMENT being held March 3 to 5, 2011 in Calgary.

There is a great package of information about the Calgary tournament that is available here: South Calgary Spring_Tournament_2011

It is a fantastic flyer with all the information you might require.

That’s Dedication!!

Two thumbs up to everyone who came out on Tuesday night!! It was another blustery, freezing cold night so it was great to see so many people at the work out!

We will have regular class again on Tuesday, February 15.

Also, remember that the Manitoba Provincial Wado-Kai Karate Tournament is being held in Virden on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at the Virden Collegiate. There will be a Workout on Friday, February 25 with Sensei Dennis Labbé who is an 8th Degree (Hachidan) Black Belt and the President of our Shintani Karate Federation. It should be a great weekend of Karate. More details available on our “Events” page.

Download  the Tournament Flyer –  23rd_Annual_Manitoba_Tournament IMPORTANT: the flyer has the incorrect date and year at the top!! The correct dates are stated above.

Just a little clarification…

It was good to see so many people out on such a cold, cold night! Thank you for your dedication.

Some of us thought that the Weyburn Karate tournament was being held this coming weekend. Well… it isn’t!

The Senseis in Weyburn are working to determine a good time to hold their tournament and will be letting us know when they have a set date.

So, if you were planning on going to Weyburn to a karate tournament this weekend, you may just want to go to Wal-Mart instead!!



But we ARE having classes tonight.

Both the Just For Kicks and the regular Jr/Adult classes will take place as usual.

Please don’t take any chances with the cold! If you are uncomfortable coming in for class or don’t completely trust the reliability of your vehicle then, by all means, stay home.

You can still lead your own workout at home: If you wish, you could start with “Makso” where you kneel and close your eyes to focus on what you are about to do. Then start with some simple stretches, running on-the-spot, maybe some crunches and push-ups for your warm-up. Then just move through your basics starting with tsuki’s at the various levels and move through the blocks you know and finally the kicks. Try to vary your stances and pay attention to how different techniques work better in different stances. Finish your workout by running through ALL the katas you know. Then stretch out slowly to bring your workout to an end.

See you tonight.