But we ARE having classes tonight.

Both the Just For Kicks and the regular Jr/Adult classes will take place as usual.

Please don’t take any chances with the cold! If you are uncomfortable coming in for class or don’t completely trust the reliability of your vehicle then, by all means, stay home.

You can still lead your own workout at home: If you wish, you could start with “Makso” where you kneel and close your eyes to focus on what you are about to do. Then start with some simple stretches, running on-the-spot, maybe some crunches and push-ups for your warm-up. Then just move through your basics starting with tsuki’s at the various levels and move through the blocks you know and finally the kicks. Try to vary your stances and pay attention to how different techniques work better in different stances. Finish your workout by running through ALL the katas you know. Then stretch out slowly to bring your workout to an end.

See you tonight.