Congratulations to everyone who successfully graded up! Hard work pays off and the feeling of “earning” a new belt or a few stripes is very exhilarating! Way to go, everyone.

So now it’s back to work in regular classes! It is also getting to be “Tournament Season”. There are many tournaments held near our club so it would be great for as many of us as possible to get out to a few of them. Weyburn is coming up soon and Virden is on Saturday, February 26, 2011 with a work-out on Friday, February 25.

The Weyburn tournament is a nice tournament for us. It is close by and not really huge. The Virden tournament is the Manitobe Provincial tournament and is very similar to our own tournament in size. Sensei Dennis Labbé, the President of our Federation, will be there and there is a chance that Senseis Ron Mattie and Rathe Mokelky will be there also. Keep checking here, in the “Events” section, for details.

See you at the next work-out.