Grading tomorrow, Tuesday, January 18, 2011 for jr.’s and adults.

The Senseis have checked the books for those eligible for grading. If you were not at the class on January 11 or feel you may have been missed, please contact one of the Senseis right away.

Even if you are not grading up, everyone is encouraged to attend the grading. It is a great opportunity to see what is involved in a grading and what the Senseis expect of you in order to earn your next belt.

Be ready to begin at 7:30 sharp!

There is a “Just for Kicks” class at their regular time of 6:30.

Everyone needs to arrive a bit early and do some warm-up and stretching on your own. There won’t be a “normal” warm-up before the grading. Be sure to bring water and remember that if you are late or leave the floor after the grading has begun, your grading is over!

Work hard but have fun! Good luck, everyone!