Sensei Joan Back Tonight!

Tonight we welcome back Sensei Joan who has been away with other committments for the past two workouts.

We’re excited to work out with you again, Sensei! And just wait till you see all of our new students!!

Welcome home!

We also want to set up an email list for a quick and easy method of communicating with our members.

COULD EVERYONE PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO: info @ moosemountainkarate . com (no spaces – Written this way to avoid spammers!)

We can then add your name to our growing email list so that we can get in touch with you for class changes, grading notices, weather cancellation etc. Thanks.

New members, remember: Zenkutzo Dachi, Kiba Dachi, Tsuki, Ude Uki, Age Uki, Gedan Barai, Mae Geri, Mawashi Geri… You may also want to check out the “History” section of our web site to acquaint yourselves with our two founders: Senseis Hironori Ohtsuka and Masaru Shintani.

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