SHPKA Fees due on Tuesday; Regular Classes Resume

Anyone wishing to join the SHPKA (Saskatchewan High Performance Karate Association) must bring their fees to class on Tuesday evening. We will also need some registration information at that time. The registration fee is $25.

The SHPKA is our Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) for karate. The SHPKA is an excellent organization dedicated to the development of sport karate in Saskatchewan. It is through this organization that members receive access to high level, nationally certified trainers, provincial and inter-provincial events, and the possibility to be selected to the Saskatchewan Provincial Karate Team to participate in Karate Canada Nationals.

Membership in the organization does not mean you are required to participate in any of these events, but also serves as a “professional membership” in a nationally recognized sport organization. Membership in these organizations also helps pave a way to achieve various certifications within the SWKKF, the WTKA, and Karate Canada.

We urge you to consider membership, and speak to Sensei Kevin or Sensei Jayson on Tuesday if you have any questions.

Regular classes resume on Tuesday. This is the last class of Session 2. We begin Session 3 on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Please be sure to start paying your fees so you are up to date. Remember, you cannot be graded if you have outstanding fees.

See you at the dojo!