Tournament Updates

Below is a list and brief explanation of some upcoming tournaments. Many members of these clubs have attended our tournament. It would be great if we could also go to their event and return the favour.


March 19, 2016 – MELITA “Competition Workshop” – Melita, MB

Sensei Alby calls this a “Learning Event” for all belt levels. It is a fantastic, small event, for our young karateka to develop ring experience and confidence. It is also a great place for Brown Belts and newer Black Belts to work on judging techniques. It is an excellent and enjoyable event that is close to our home dojo.

Sensei Alby will be holding a Self-defense workshop beginning at 10:00 am. This is an excellent workshop to learn effective self-defence techniques for a variety of situations.

After lunch, the workshop will move into Kata and Kumite events. Just like a regular tournament, participants will be divided into categories and will perform their kata and kumite and receive instruction on technique, and ring etiquette and techniques.

This is how Sensei Alby describes it.

This is a simulation tournament, and, as much as possible, a teaching event. Higher Kyu belts and junior Black Belts are encouraged to attend, to give them experience at corner judging.  SWKKF rules apply.  Remember, a disqualification means you are out of the event. 

April 8/9, 2016 – LIVING SKIES ANNUAL WADO KAI KARATE CLINIC AND TOURNAMENT – Warman, SK – More info to come

This is an excellent, full-scale Saskatchewan tournament hosted by our friends and regular participants in our tournament. This tournament offers excellent, friendly competition at all belt ranks. Registration information will be posted soon. It would be great to see a good number of our members attend this tournament.

Other events will arise during the course of the season. 

Those listed above are the events that our members attend most often. Tournament participation is a great way to meet new people. You will soon find that you have a group of “Tournament Buddies” with whom you will rise through the ranks together. The Shintani Federation events are all family oriented events and are great fun for all ages of karateka.


This is the annual Manitoba Provincial tournament. Many Shintani members from Manitoba attend our annual tournament so it would be great for us to return the favour! We will have more information soon.