Tournament Tonight and Tomorrow!

The tournament clinic begins tonight!

7:00 to 8:00 pm for age 11 and under

8:00 to 9:30 pm for age 12 and over

Tournament Bow-In is at 9:30 tomorrow morning (Saturday). Please come earlier to register.

The clinic and tournament take place at G.F. Kells gym. The same place as our regular tournament in November.

See you at the tournament!!

Tournament This Coming Weekend!

Next weekend, April 29 and 30, 2016, we are hosting the Manitoba Provincial Wado Kai Karate Tournament and Clinic here in Carlyle. It will be held at G.F. Kells High School.


Tournament consent form

There are still a few things we need people to bring for the canteen. The proceeds from the canteen go directly into our travel fund!

We hope to see many of our members out at the tournament!

Here is a list of the few thing left to sign up for.

Please message Juanita Wolf at to let her now what you would like to contribute.

1 loaf egg salad sandwiches
1 loaf ham sandwiches
3 dozen snack bags of assorted veggies
5 pans puffed wheat cake
1 pan rice krispie cake
1 3pk Romain hearts
1 907g cheese grated

Shifts for canteen 
1 shift for set up from
2 shifts 
11AM -1PM
3 shifts for clean up
3PM – 4PM

No workout this Thursday

We will not be having a workout tomorrow.

Next week we will have regular classes on Tuesday AND an additional workout on Thursday, April 28. This is the day before the Manitoba tournament being held here.

Please remember to sign up to bring items and help work for the canteen at the tournament. We are treating this as a fundraiser, so those of you who show up to help will be able to use these funds to assist with your own travel costs to other karate events.

“Many hands make light work!” Let’s see lots of help and support for our Manitoba friends and our own club through the canteen!

See you at the dojo!