Tournament Notice

The Melita Tournament is being held on Saturday, January 24 in Melita, MB.

This is an excellent small tournament hosted by Sensei Alby Morris. Sensei considers this tournament to be a “teaching” tournament is an excellent event for all of our members, especially our members just getting used to attending tournaments.

9:00 am – The day will begin with a Score Keeping/Judging clinic. The score keeping component is open to anyone who may wish to assist in this way at any Shintani event. The judging clinic is geared more towards brown/black belt members of the Shintani Federation.

10:00 am – NoonSelf Defense Clinic – Self-Defense Class focused on Female Assault. Everyone should try to attend one of Sensei Alby’s Self Defense classes! Male or female, he gives practical, “street” karate advice to use in situations that threaten personal harm. They are great clinics for everyone.

There is a lunch for competitors and family.

1:00 pm – Tournament begins.

This is an excellent small event and only 2 hours away from Carlyle. We strongly encourage as many of our members to attend as possible. You’ll enjoy your day!