GRADING today!

The grading is tonight at the dojo.

Just for Kicks please be there by 5:45 to begin the grading at 6:00 pm.

Jr/Adult group please be ready to begin your grading at 7:30 pm.

For those of you new to the grading process, here are a few tips:

You are being graded from the moment you step onto the training floor to take your position. The speed with which you take your place and your behaviour while doing so are considered part of your grading.

Unless told to do so by the instructing sensei, you should not break your position/stance. “Maintenance of Stance” is a component of the grading. Hold your stance/position until the sensei instructs you to relax or change stances.

If you leave the floor, for any reason, your grading is over. Karateka (students) are reminded to use the washroom before the grading begins as permission to leave the floor during the grading process will NOT be granted.

Grading participants are reminded that no jewelry is permitted on the training floor. Finger and toe nails should be clipped.

Belts must be tied.

Participants should not be talking during the grading.

Observers are asked to remain quiet during the grading. It is important that participants hear the instructor clearly. Any distractions around the dojo can have an adverse affect on the grading outcome.

Good luck, everyone!

See you at the dojo.