NEW SESSION THIS TUESDAY – and some tournament info

Session 3 begins this Tuesday. This is the final session of our “Karate Season” and the start of a string of tournaments that are fun to attend.

The first tournament coming up is the South Calgary Tournament being held on March 14 & 15, 2014. This is a large tournament with many exciting and unique events that karateka of all levels will find fun and exciting. Here is the information : 2014SouthCalgaryInfo

The next tournament is one that all of us should consider attending; The Saskatoon/Warman Annual Tournament is being held on April 4/5, 2014. Here is the information for this tournament : Saskatoon Tourney Notice 2014

The members from Saskatoon always enter a big group of participants in our tournament. It would be great if we could return the favour and have a a good number of our members attend their tournament. We’ll talk about it in class.

The third tournament you may wish to consider is the Manitoba Provincial Tournament being held this year on  May 9/10, 2014 in Boisevain, MB. More information will be coming soon. This is a great opportunity to participate in another Provincial tournament and it’s just 2 hours down the road!

See you at the dojo!