New Arrivals!

Good news…

The equipment order and the “Small” size gi bags have arrived! We will be handing out items on Tuesday during class. If you have not paid for your items, please be prepared to do so on Tuesday. The “Large” gi bags have also just arrived and we will be sending them to the embroidery house on Wednesday. You’ll learn why we’re waiting when you read the next paragraph.

We have an extra 4 small gi bags for sale. They have been pre-embroidered with our club logo but no name. There is a picture posted below. If you would like to purchase one of these bags, please contact Sensei Kevin ASAP! The cost “as is” without any name is $65. If you would like to add a name, we can send it in when our large bags go in on Wednesday, the cost will be an additional $6 per word. Price does not include tax. You can email Sensei Kevin at the following address if you want to claim a bag now before the rush for them on Tuesday. Consider this a bonus for being a blog follower!! Here’s the email address: This is a first come, first served offer ending once all 4 bags are spoken for. They look really good!

Here are the pics of the bags. They are red in color like our other bags but this photo makes them look a little on the pink side. Trust us, they’re very red!

2013Duffle Front








2013Duffle Side