Another good workout!

Great work on Tuesday night, everyone! Things are looking good for your grading.

Remember to practice the things that we mentioned in class. Especially important are your stances. Keep your knees bent and backs straight for starters. When you’re practicing at home, keep it interesting by creating sequences of moves on your own. Try stringing together techniques that each use a different stance, for example. And don’t forget to practice your kata!

Anyone who is interested in ordering a shirt like we had on display in class must have their order forms handed in by February 5, 2013.

SASKATOON TOURNAMENTApril 5 and 6. If you would like to attend, please sign your name to the sign-up sheet at the next class. The number of people who sign up will determine whether the club will pre-arrange accomodation and possibly transportation.

Just an FYI regarding this event:

1. This is not like a school trip. The club senseis will not be acting as chaperones/guardians for any minor children who attend the tournament.
2. Members under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
3. If the club arranges hotel accomodation, it will be in the manner of a block of rooms being held for us that the members must then phone in to make a reservation.
4. Currently, members will be responsible for their own transportation to and from Saskatoon/Warman.
5. If enough members sign up, charter bus transportation may be considered.

If enough members participate, the club may consider helping to cover some of the costs associated with the tournament. This is only a possibility at this time.